Organizing Conferences & Exhibitions

Our Vision

We look forward to be entrepreneur through inventing new creative ideas and providing distinguished high-level services together with meeting all needs of our partners (our esteemed customers), which puts us in the forefront through strong concentration on our customer’s satisfaction by the long-term partnership, seeking to develop and continue in the industry of conferences, exhibitions and business tourism as sustainable developmental, economic, marketing, and social opportunities in addition to providing high-quality services and attracting customers that realize the objective of the (events) and the value added to the (event), in accordance to the criteria followed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the international trends.

Who are we?

AroZan is a Saudi contemporary establishment specialized in the organization of exhibition, conferences, business tourism , the management of events & ceremonies, organization of meetings, journeys & tourism, training, development, employment, marketing, and advertising and all the matters that fall under the name (services) and depend in its achievements on its customers satisfaction and partnership, in addition to its past experience related to qualified teamwork. AroZan will serve its customers through its deep vision about the methods of event execution and coordination , provision of comprehensive services to meet all the needs. AroZan seeks to transfer your objectives to a tangible reality that can be added to your success rather than the touches which will integrate the optimal image that represents your objective. AroZan provides and executes the most modern international designs of décor taking place in the exhibitor’s wards as per their desire, in addition the Est. will make propaganda campaigns in a new vision serving the customers’ desire and attract participants.

Our Mission

We use our knowledge,  experiences and strategic relations to realize the best targeted results our customers (partners) seek, and also seek realizing our objectives represented in raising the level of the special events and all distinguished services that we provide through put appropriate budget, rather than putting and executing work plans as per certain  and suggested timetable, moreover, providing consultations recommendations and logistic arrangements related to the setting up of events, all these through realization of our customers and partners objective and allowing opportunities of education and trade exchange.